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Was it Really About a Dream?

by | Feature Articles, January 2023

We can’t let January pass without giving honor to slain Civil Rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this newsletter we do so by acknowledging a great disservice that is done to his legacy every year at the commemorations of his birth. Attention tends to focus tightly and narrowly (and with curiously steadfast determination) on that thing he said about  . . . being nice. It turns out that the “I Have A Dream” speech wasn’t really about that. 

What was it truly about? Click the link and listen to the entire speech. See whether you can identify the actual thesis, the true reason for the March on Washington. Can you find the connection between what the March on Washington stands for and the saga of Bruce’s Beach in Southern California? In our next issue we will discuss what Dr. King’s speech really was about. In the meanwhile, we hope this exercise will help you pivot your perspective of what DEIB is really about. 

For more, join Bathabile via Zoom as she addresses this topic with the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 11am. Click here for your free ticket. 



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