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We take your commitment to DEIB from aspiration to action.

DEIB Coaching, Mediation, & Reconciliation Process Design

Adapting to the expectations of Diversity culture can present a real challenge for leaders – even those with the best intentions. We recognize that your transformation as a leader is a process, not an event, and we provide you with support and guidance as you navigate that process. 

When things go wrong, and they do, we provide mediation and work with you to craft effective and durable reconciliation processes that can help keep your organization intact and contribute to increased productivity.

Inclusive Conference Ombuds Services

Untangled Resolutions’ Conference Ombuds service provides a supportive system that enables conference organizers to offer a conference experience that empowers attendees and vendors to surface and confront difficult issues. We help you to design your codes of conduct/community agreements and accountability processes, and aid in implementation prior to, at, and after your conference.

Diversity for Dinner

If you are White, the thought of talking about race and racism might leave you with a tight knot in your stomach. I’m guessing you’d rather talk with your kids about sex.

I want to change that.

Join me online for dinner and get comfortable talking about issues that really bother you but you don’t know who to ask.

Individuals, click the button below to learn more. If you would like to bring a group, click here.

Come Hungry, Leave Transformed.

Inclusion matters. Source: Deloitte report: Unleashing the Power of Inclusion

  • Respondents who say inclusion is important when choosing a job 80% 80%
  • Respondents who say they prefer inclusive behaviors over inclusive programming 71% 71%
  • Millenial respondents who have left an organization for a more inclusive one 30% 30%


Respondents who say inclusion is important when choosing an employer

From Our Founder

From Aspiration to Action

Implicit bias arises from the unacknowledged stereotypes that you know and from the truths that you don’t know. You know that minoritized people often feel compelled to code shift in order to exist in White dominated spaces.

Why do they feel compelled to code shift? How do your policies and culture contribute to the pressure to code shift? What is the psychological cost of code shifting? What are they shifting from? How does having to code shift influence their experience of belonging at your company? Do you know? 

Audre Lorde famously declared that the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. Untangled Resolutions excels at guiding companies to develop anti-oppressive practices that replace the master’s tools and allow the organization to build a truly inclusive house in which everyone belongs.

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