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Who We Are

Untangled Resolutions specializes in enhancing the quality of human connections. Founded in 2010, Untangled Resolutions connects people across differences via our DEIB Consulting, Coaching, Ombuds, and Mediation Services. 

Our clients include leaders seeking support and guidance as they adapt to the expectations of Diversity culture and individuals and small groups seeking better understanding and compassion around difference.

Our services include:

DEIB Coaching, Mediation & Reconciliation Process Design

Diversity for Dinner

Inclusive Conference Ombuds Services

Our niche is an attitude not an industry.

Our clients include organizations that care deeply about anti-oppression and want to do more than just talk about it.

Our services yield tangible results that are uniquely responsive to your organization’s culture and aspirations because we center your community in our approach.

We celebrate your dedication to diversity.
We are dedicated to your success.

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