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Contemplating Relationships

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Fall is a time for harvesting, for reviewing what you planted and nurtured this past year and reaping the outcomes of your intentions and actions. 

Fall can be a great time to think about your relationships and look forward to what you want them to be next year. These relationships can include business associates, close friends, intimate partners, people whom you want to meet, and more.

Time to envision

Think of the relationships you have started and nurtured this year. What benefits have they brought to you? Which relationships do you want to establish next year? Which do you want to continue to grow? Which do you see as better to transition out of? 

This guide can help you to consider your relationships and intentionally decide who will be part of your life next year.


Think of three relationships that have brought you joy and fulfillment this year

Think of three steps you can take to continue to grow those relationships in the year to come. Some examples include:

Establishing a regular check in – maybe weekly, monthly, quarterly, as is appropriate for the relationship.

Identifying three ways to help the person:

  • Offer valuable information
  • Offer valuable assistance
  • Connect them to someone else who would be beneficial to them

Keep track of how they improve your life and let them know! Say thank you.

Identify three relationships (in the present or in your past)  that have challenged you to grow and no longer serve you in a healthy way

  • Think deeply about what made the relationships challenging
  • Think deeply about how those relationships spurred your growth: how are you a different person because of those relationships?
  • Give thanks for what those relationships brought to you
  • Mindfully and intentionally let them go

Identify three relationships you would like to establish

  • Think deeply about what attracts you to those people
  • Visualize what you want those relationships to become
  • Think deeply about how you can contribute to improving the other person’s life
  • Envision the benefits you will receive from growing this relationship

Nurturing the relationships that enrich you and transitioning away from relationships that hurt you can greatly improve your life in many ways. Being mindful and intentional about how you manage your relationships allows you to experience the fullness of the benefits that human connection can bring.



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